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Guy du Toit
Guy du Toit


Guy Du Toit was born in 1958 in Rustenburg in the North West Province. He uses a wide range of media in his sculptures including bronze, stone, wood and steel.


He was awarded his BA(FA) Degree with a distinction in sculpture. His work has been exhibited extensively, both locally and internationally. He has been consistently supported by private and public collectors, institutions, academics and fellow artists. He has been honoured with many awards and has in turn been invited to curate and adjudicate exhibitions. He has also lectured at a number of institutions, including Pelmama Academy in Soweto, Pretoria University, Johannesburg and Pretoria Technicons, and the Johannesburg School of Art, Ballet, Drama and Music. He has given workshops throughout South Africa and has been involved in community projects, seminars and symposia.


The past few years have increasingly been spent on private and public commissions and in working closely with artists and businesses, especially those involved in design, communications, architecture, advertising and entertainment. Guy currently teaches part-time at the University of Pretoria and works full-time from his new home and studio in Swavelpoort.




“Sophisticated impressions.” Muffin Stevens


“I have long admired Guy du Toit’s sculpture. He has, by dint of steady production and consistently developing work, become one of South Africa’s most important artists, along the way winning the Vita Art Now award and numerous merit awards on major competitions.”


“… we can read (his works), their narratives, their histories, their passages and pauses, poetic flights, prose rhythms, allusions and alliterations, metaphors and similes, their nouns, verbs and punctuation. They set up webs of meaning and many strands to follow.”


“du Toit the formalist(’s) essential interest is in the visual game of space, form and shadow. This minimal and linear arrangement of the parts refers to the modernist severity that underpins the best work being done today in both South Africa and internationally. Postmodernism has brought back meanings in layers and floods, but still a modernist visual rigor supports meanings for sculptors like South African Willem Boshoff, the British-Indian sculptor Anish Kapoor or artists like Rachel Whiteread or Damien Hirst.” “There is a knowing range to du Toit’s work, from the bronze “high art” of traditional sculpture to contemporary installation and the found object.”



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