Erika Wessels Jewellery is a Cape Town-based brand, focusing on original designs that are easy-to-wear yet make a bold statement.

The brand was born out of the Wessels's constantly evolving outlook on creativity. Each hand-made piece is original and authentic combining oddly shaped semi-precious stones with silver. Her latest collection features pieces that are made with silver and a combination of colourful beads. 

The Cape Town-based jewellery brand was part of the 2014 Emerging Creatives programme.






Oxidized silver, green onyx and rutile quartz drop earrings. R3855 (sold)


Oxidized silver, lapis, carnelian and white sapphire drop earrings. R3890.

Oxidized silver, green onyx and rutile quartz drop earrings. R3625.

Silver and white sapphire earrings.  R3415 (SOLD) 

Silver , coral, turquoise and spinel drop earrings.  R1630

Silver and tundo sapphire earrings.  R1735

Rainbow earrings. Silver and reconstituted gemstone. R1060 (currently unavailable) 

Silver cube pendant.  (currently unavailable) 

Crystal pendant. R355. Chain length 24cms.

Silver stick studs. R530