Du Toit is a 37-year-old artist living in Cape Town.  He is a naturalist and biochemist by training. Du Toit spent holidays hiking and mountain biking with his wife, and taking pictures and mental images of South Africa and Namibia. Geology (the science of rocks and minerals) and palaeontology (the study of dinosaur fossils) are fascinating to him, and he produces artworks from the landscapes he visits.

"Naturally, since I paint using soil and rocks ground to the suitable consistency (with a suitable amount of violence!) and mixed with a long-lasting transparent modern glue, and because the Afrikaans name for soil is 'grond', 'ground' sounds about right. It also refers to the want to return to a ground state or the roots of art, by using the natural elements of nature, without alterations or additives. Southern Africa is rich in ancient culture and is in fact believed to be the cradle of mankind, where some of the first humans walked the earth, painting with charcoal and ochre. It is also rich in minerals and gemstones."

Du Toit Schabort

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