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Weiner obtained her Fine Arts Diploma from Wits Technikon in 1991 with the majors of sculpture and printmaking. It was in 1992 when she moved to Cape Town where she started exploring creatively with clay mainly because of the mediums unlimited possibilities.


From 1992 to 1999 she took on different avenues while finding her own style in clay, those of working in a bronze casting foundry, teaching art and decorating slip-cast ceramic ware.


Since 2000, Weiner has been freelancing in the Film industry as a sculptor and fabricator of fake/representative facades and environments.


Weiner's creations always portray elements of clay even if it is slip casting or decorating by hand, coiling and press molding of sculptures, functional and purely decorative items.


Dana Weiner participated in the National Ceramics exhibition at Artscape in 2006.

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