Dalena White
Dalena White
Dalena White
Dalena White
Dalena White
Dalena White
Dalena White
Dalena White


Works at Cape Wools SA as a marketing consultant.

Attended Paarl Gymnasium

Lives in Langebaan


What inspires you?

Nature, kindness, empathy, the ocean, my family, animals, wool and travelling.


When did you start crafting / knitting / crochet / sewing and who taught you?

When I was 5 years old, my Granny Lenie taught me to crochet, knit and sew. I made fancy outfits for my Barbie. We lived with my grandparents when I was small. My grandfather was a tailor and my grandmother worked at the local hobby shop and was a dressmaker.


Finches; Inspired by Li Edelkoorts Nesting trend forecast –  using nature’s leftovers and cultural craft to generate art and decor for the home. The skull protects the animal’s brain and nerve centre and carries the horns, which is his pride and joy during life. Yet it is discarded when the animal dies. I restore the horns and cover the bones with beautiful colours, to honour the animal’s life. The piece receives a name and has a place in the tribe again.


How did it all begin?

 I wanted to stop smoking, but knew I needed something to keep my hands busy or I would eat non-stop. I discovered the Facebook page Playing Hooky and was hooked (on something else than Nicotine). I wanted to test the local offering in Merino wool yarn and ordered wool from all the local Indie dyers and commercial spinners I could find. I combined it into a Merino Wool ripple blanket for our bed. During this time, I was doing work with youngsters and had to find a way to make them understand where wool comes from. Some of the kids told me that it grows on plants (like my mommy’s cotton wool that she uses to clean her face) Gasp.


I asked a Merino farmer for a skull of one of his rams, which I covered with the African Flower design, named Mr. Merino and used on shows, to show the children where wool comes from. My recycling spirit liked the idea and Finches was born.


I also wanted to find a way to turn crochet into art, as I believe it is a Textile Art and should be valued as such, as we do with oils, ceramics and wood. The tree outside my office is full of finch nests and they are weaving, talking and working the whole day long. They were the inspiration for the name. I like being busy and do not sit still for long periods of time.



Interview courtesy of  http://hellohart.com/tag/dalena-white/


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