Artist statement:

I see myself as an artist – a painter and a maker of jewellery, who also plays with a camera. there is nothing pedantic about my work – no messages, no doctrines, no philosophies. as an artist, I see myself as an observer. the subject matter of my work does not intend to convey any deeper meaning – it is important mainly as an accidental part of my observation of my reality of the world around me which filters through me in order to trigger the important, interesting and intricate process of creating a work of art – the conversation between the medium, the subject matter and the objects depicted on the canvas. as a creator of the work I never dictate the outcome thereof – it is simply a process between myself as the observer and the artwork.


Sterling silver chain .

Pebble and Gemstone Rings in sterling silver.

Bracelet in oxidised silver . R10 370

Earrings with recycled glass. R 4 345

2020-05-08 18.12.30.jpg

Turquoise Earrings. R 3 625

Nature's Valley Pebble bracelet . R1890

Silver pebble and gemstone bracelets . R3850 each

Silver bangles . R885 each.

Silver and pebble ring  from Nature's Valley .R4780

Turquoise Ring. R 2 445

Black pummis stone in silver ring . R860

Moonstone ring. R2835