Loveson Story by Pamela

"The little bulls are handmade by my part time assistant, Loveson. I asked him one day, while I was using the clay if h had ever worked with clay.


He said no, but he had played with mud at the river when he was child. So, I passed him clay and said he should pretend it is mud and make the same things again, and, the little bulls were born!


I had no idea about selling them until one day (being the nosy teacher!), i asked him about who cares for his 5 year old son when he is away from home for such long periods of time. he replied that his cousin took care of the child.


I asked where the child's mother was, and he said that he could not afford to pay lobola, so the child's mother still lives in her father's house.


The irony of the situation for me was that he could sculpt the perfect little bull, and it was almost a fetish for those that he could not afford to buy in real life, and which would afford his son the privilege of having his mother home. I then decided to let him make the little bulls and I would sell them and with this money he could then start buying his lobola.


We could sell the clay bulls, so that he could buy real bulls which would pay for lobola for his wife, and his son would then have a mother with him at home! A simple, if somewhat lengthy pursuit.


In December, Loveson bought his first real life bull!"