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Cheryl Traub Adler is an artist, catalyst and teacher.  

A graduate from the Michaelis School of Fine Art, UCT who is fascinated by the intersection of all art forms including Painting, Photography, Installation, Land Art and Performance.

Trained as a Bridging Polarities through Art and Omega therapist, her focus is on the curative aspect of the creative process.

Her continued studies include Medicine and the Arts, Humanizing Healthcare, The 21st Century Museum and Identity, Conflict and Public Space.  She has collaborated with the Spanish architectural collective, Basurama, Open City Project, Stories of Rain, the BlueBox project in Morocco and RoundaboutLx in Lisbon.urrently she is working on a solo exhibition 'Anologue' at Alliance Francaise, Cape Town, and is excited to be part of The McGregor Poetry Festival in August.

She has interspersed her working and teaching career with continued studies and has completed two online courses in Medicine and the Arts: Humanising Healthcare from UCT and Behind the scenes at the 21st Century Museum under the auspices of the University of Leicester. She is currently engaged in further studies relating to Identity, Conflict and Public Space through Queen’s University, Belfast.


Her first Solo exhibition called ’The Figure Imagined’ at Art in the Forest, was sold out.

In 2014 she collaborated with local artists and the Spanish collective, Basurama to assemble a large scale installation called Inhabiting Plastic Oceans in The Gardens, Cape Town, using recycled plastic and air.


Other engagement with public space has included an assembled environment in Church Square using postcards and cloth as part the Open City project. In 2014 an Installation Performance called Kraal in Nieu Bethesda, examining the relationship between the community and The Owl House, created by the Outsider artist Helen Martins. Hyym Zys Hyym / Home Sweet Home was an installation at O’Flinn Hall, KKNK, Oudshoorn where Jewish heritage and Afrikaner identity was placed together for scrutiny in a venue historically used for Nagmaal or Holy communion. 


Lifna Adam in 2013 was an artisanal collaboration and response to the wealth of handcraft and design in Fez (World Heritage Site) Morocco.

Her work was part of a group show called The Persistence of Memory a project relating to national memory and representation of the past and part of the Center for Curating the Archive. 


2016 she did a residency at RoundaboutLX in Lisbon called Reflection on Pilgrimage, Pavements & Puzzles.

She produced a series of photographs for Stories of Rain, a collaborative LandArt exhibition at AVA, Cape Town.


2017 she participated in the exhibition ‘What Art is For,’ exploring the underlying healing possibilities of viewing and making art.

This year she has worked with Steven Cohen and Thalia Laric doing preparation for a performance piece as part of the ICA programme.


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