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 "I am working on a painting I try to suspend any expectation of exactly how I want it to turn out. Inevitably the painting itself will take control somewhere in the process and dictate where it’s going. There may or may not be a particular idea or thought that I would like to convey, but there is always the desire to share my constant delight in the mystery of the ‘natural’ world and the small
details that often go unnoticed. Mostly in light and shadows, often in water. By removing the obvious spatial markers such as horizon lines and recognizable objects, there is an opportunity to get lost in the indeterminate space of the painting. Layering and patterns that seem to echo one another, reflections and shadows overlaid with fleeting refractions of light all contribute to a sense of fluidity, movement, and mystery..! I started painting whilst living in Botswana in the early 90’s, participating in a number of group shows in Gaborone. I completed 3 years of a Unisa Fine Art degree on return to Cape Town and started showing work in various group shows whilst working as a designer and project manager.

 I have ongoing private commissions and sales through galleries as well as participating in various group shows including a number of studio exhibitions with Spencer Street Studios where I was based for a few years, Angels at Bang the Gallery, Summer Fine Art Fair, Solum @UCA, What ART is For and most recently Liminal Spaces at The Taj Gallery. I have also been involved with a number of Land Art projects and exhibitions around the country. I live on a nature reserve/olive farm in the Overberg where I have a studio to escape to as much as possible, encouraging fellow artists to spend creative time with me in this exquisite hidden valley."


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