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Born in industrial Johannesburg in 1963, growing up with the freedoms of nature and space in small town Langebaan on the West Coast, and now living in Cape Town, Brandon’s work is influenced by the energies of these different places. He graduated in fine art at Ruth Prowse in 1998 under the tuition of Erik Laubscher, Edwine Simon, and sculptor-mentor David Brown before receiving a bursary to further his studies at the Winchester School of Fine Art in England.


Brandon is inspired by exploring and mastering the possibilities for creativity and expression presented by different media, excited by the ways that ideas expand when crossing over from working in one medium to another.


He has exhibited his paintings, sculptures, prints and photographs in South Africa and internationally, most recently being selected as a finalist in Ceramics Southern Africa’s Corobrik NATIONAL CERAMICS BIENNALE 2018. His past exhibitions include numerous solo and group exhibitions at the Association for Visual Arts (AVA); exhibitions at the Third iii Gallery, and his work has been exhibited at the South African National Gallery. A notable international exhibition was in Mexico City with Mark Rautenbach. While he focussed on press and commercial photography for many years, Brandon has continued to pursue his passion for visual arts.


Over the last three years Brandon has focussed on exploring ceramics as a creative medium. In his recent work he plays with perspective, shape and space, light and shadow, texture and reflection, to develop his functional sculptures and art pieces which are often stark, bold and masculine in design.



Vertical Landcapes. 

Charcoal Clay Sculptures.

26 X 33 cms approx

R2 580

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