A descendant of the renowned 19th Century English painter John Thomas Baines, Bastiaan, of half Dutch, half South African descent, grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. Bastiaan is primarily a self taught artist but at a young age he received private art tutoring and Guidance. After his schooling in 2000, Bastiaan then began to fully dedicate himself to painting and commenced exhibiting his work, an endeavour that he continues to this day
In his own words, “What drives me is the process, the creating, and the creation itself is just another stop on the way. His paintings are expressed using a diverse range of tools and mediums.

van Stenis’ art is captivatingly unique.  His style commands the viewer’s attention, and his subject matter absorbs their interest.

van Stenis’ art, inspired by the surroundings that he exists within, is saturated with layers of mixed media. The masterful manner in which he weaves his mediums together becomes significant, and it represents the stitching together of the self in a dreamlike portrayal of reality.  The worlds that van Stenis creates develop with time – small details move to the fore in the viewer’s appreciation of the work.

The childlike brutality of the works evoke a deeply personal understanding of the works for the viewer.  They become a personal narrative of growing up and surviving as an individual in the complexities of social codes, expectations and definitions of being.

Watch - In the studio with Bastiaan van Stenis. 


Bastiaan van Stenis

Gloria's Glorious Handful

Mixed media on canvas.

100cm x 70cms

R30 000