Berry is mainly a self-taught South African artist working in the mediums of painting and ceramics. She was born in 1948 in Johannesburg and spent her teen years there. After she matriculated she enrolled as a student of Fine Art at the Michaelis School of Art, Cape Town. During her studies at Michaelis she decided to go travel through Germany and gain more experience abroad at Hochschule für Bildende künste, where she completed a year-long course in paint and sculpture.  


Berry furthered her experience and gained knowledge of ceramics and pottery by ‘visual training’ while travelling through Europe and America. Santa Fe in New Mexico was the most inspiring and influential place on Anno Berry, as she was captivated by the uniqueness and style of the Santa Clara Potters as well as other artists and ceramists in the area. When opportunities presented themselves, to be an assistant to artists, Berry did not hesitate as this was necessary for her to gain more knowledge and experience around the specific art materials she was specialising in.  


In the 1970s Berry returned to South Africa where she worked closely with mentor Mary Liebermann of Liebermann Pottery, Johannesburg, as the main tile decorator. During her time at Liebermann, Berry was responsible for creating ceramic and hand-decorated tiles as well as silk screening. Commissions for corporate companies were done through Liebermann for companies such as FNB and Anglo American.

In the 1980s Berry produced watercolour paintings and sculptures from her home studio in Honingklip, Johannesburg. It was also in this period of time that Anno Berry illustrated a variety of children books published by Human & Rossouw. These series of children books were the first of their kind to be translated into the 12 official languages of South Africa.


Anno Berry participated in various solo and group exhibitions from the 1980s all over South Africa but mainly in galleries situated in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Knysna and Cape Town.  Galleries who held solo and group exhibitions that featured Berry included Stander Gallery, Everard Read and Knysna Fine Art. Berry returned to Cape Town in 2000 where she is currently active as an artist, sculptor and teacher of master classes. It is here in Cape Town that her love for teaching became a true passion - Berry facilitates at art studios (per invitation) but mainly uses her home studio to teach and facilitate groups within the mediums of paint and ceramic sculpting.


Upon viewing Anno Berry’s work the main theme of “Figures in movement” are always presenting itself to the viewer in the different moments of inspection. Berry uses the work and figurative studies of European Old Masters, Egon Schiele and and Russell Flint as inspiration for her own portrayal and experimentation with techniques to create paintings and her most acclaimed sculptural pieces.    Sculptures by Anno Berry are exclusively available at Artvark Gallery.

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