Alistair Berg has worked as a photographer, and more lately, a videographer, for the last 30 years.

He specialized in sports editorial and advertising imagery before moving to South Africa from the UK 15 years ago. He now works with his wife, Sally, in producing imagery for distribution through online photo libraries.

His artistic sculptures are a more recent creative outlet, that was initiated as a desire to create with the hands, and not just the eye.

In 2015 he was in London when the Tate showcased a major retrospective of the American, Alexander Calder's work.

Calder produced a huge body of work, but is best known for his kinetic mobiles. Alistair had always been fascinated by the play of balance and movement in Calder's work, and seeing them first hand was an inspiring moment.

He began to work in a similar fashion as a starting point, and is excited to diverge into his own style and inquiry, with a medium that has enormous potential to appeal to our contemporary aesthetic.

Themes of the natural world, reworked through up-cycled industrial waste, is a current fascination and source of material.

Alistair hunts for objects that can transform themselves by re-purpose, and reveal a deeper beauty of line, texture and shape than they had been afforded in their first incarnation. This process acknowledges the etheric mystery that Alistair believes is sadly lacking in so much art that is produced today with digital assistance.


Alistair Berg

Lubambe (a Zambian copper mine)

Antique copper cladding on copper wire.

Size: approx. H 1.2m x W 1m

R14 000


Alistair Berg

Corroded Fall

Antique copper cladding on copper wire.

Size: approx. H 70 x 70cms

R12 000


Alistair Berg

Copper Leaves I

Copper sheet and copper wire.

Size: approx. H 1.6m x W 0.8m 

R 18 000

Sea spray 1 1592.jpg

Alistair Berg

Sea Spray I

Perspex circles, wire and industrial steel.

Size: approx. W 1m x 0.5ms

R9 500 (SOLD)

Circles of decay1564.jpg
Circles of decay1553.jpg

Alistair Berg

Circles Of Decay

Rusted steel and wire.

Size: approx. W 0.8 x H 0.6ms

R9 500