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Aldo Brincat portrait (1).JPG
Hope 1.jpeg
Hope 3.jpeg


Aldo Brincat is a self-taught emerging visual artist, having exhibited in Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and recently, in London, England.
Four of his photographic images reside in the Private Collection of The University of North West in South Africa.
Aldo's photo essay on the emerging MaRock urban subculture in Botswana, FOREIGN NATIONALS, was celebrated as among the top 15 exhibitions on the African continent by Nigerian based arts publication, OKAYAFRICA, for 2015.
His photo-book, Diamonds Alive! featuring 120 portraits and narratives of some of Botswana’s most intriguing citizens, was published by African Scripts in 2017.
2020 saw Aldo consolidate his self-accumulated knowledge and skills, by completing his Postgraduate Diploma at Michaelis School of Fine Art at the  University of Cape Town (with Distinction).
He is currently a Masters student of Visual Arts, at the University of Stellenbosch.

'Desire lines & Hope.'

A desire line, or desire path, is a path created as a consequence of erosion caused by human or animal trac.
The path usually represents the shortest or most easily navigated route between an origin and a destination.
Desire lines have been employed as a metaphor for anarchism, intuitive design, individual creativity and the wisdom of crowds.
We can spend our lives eroding desire lines around walls of doubt, fear,uncertainty and insecurity; shortcutting paths to greater inner-peace,certainty and contentment.

My work here is charged with personal experiences and obsessions. All together, this exhibition culminates in a self-portrait of behaviouralpatterns. Here we see abstractions of feathers, bone, muscle, paper, rocks and petals - vast emotional landscapes packed with desire lines in themselves. It is hoped that, as you move from one area of my exhibition to another, you become complicit in creating your own desire lines, filling the images with your own narratives.
In my series Hope, concrete compound substrates are gouged and tinted, creating optical illusions of depth and dynamism. The paradox of the flat posing as the multidimensional, is a nod to the dualism of the human experience.

The concrete substrate and the powdery charcoal blend the real and the ephemeral.

2022 - Masters Student of Visual Arts at Stellenbosch University
2020 - Postgraduate Diploma (Distinction) in Fine Art, Michaelis School
of Fine Art, University of Cape Town

Tankwa Artscape Residency
27March - 8 April 2022

Chasing Concrete Halos
The Gallery at Glen Carlou (Solo Show) 12 Sept - 10 Oct 2021
Chandler House (Solo Show) Jun 2021
Cape Institute for Architecture (Solo) July 2021

Gregg Price Gallery (Group Show) 14 Dec - 10 Jan 2020

36 Views of Hoerikwaggo
Cape Institute for Architecture (Solo Show) 4 Jun - 26 Jul 2019

Chandler House (Group Show) Mar - Nov 2020
Barnard Gallery (Group Show) 28 May - 2 Jul 2019
PH Centre Photo Gallery & Bookstore (Group Show) 18 Jan - 25 Feb 2019

Foreign Nationals
CICCIC Taunton (Solo Show) 11 Jun - 6 Jul 2019
PH Centre Photo Gallery & Bookstore (Solo Show) 18 Oct 2018 - 18 Jan 2019
Brunei Gallery, University of London (Solo Show) 17 Apr - 23 Jun 2018
University of North West, South Africa (Solo Show) 13 Feb - 15 Mar 2016
HIFA / Green Room, Harare, (Solo Show) 05 May - 09 May 2015

Sophie Lalonde Gallery, Gaborone, (Solo Show) 14 Aug - 14 Sept 2014
National Gallery Gaborone, (Solo Show) 11 Nov - 25 Nov 2012

The Promised Land
Linnaeus Gallery, Gaborone (Solo Show) 4 Nov - 6 Dec 2017

Diamonds Alive!
National Gallery, Gaborone (Solo Show) 6 Sept - 21 Sept 2017
Maru-a-Pula Festival, Gaborone (Solo Show) 10 Apr- 21 Apr 2016
Grand Palm Hotel, Gaborone (Solo Show) 4 Feb - 6 Feb 2016



Aldo Brincat portrait (2).JPG


Hope 1.jpeg

Hope I

Charcoal on Cement Compound.

35 x 40 x1cm

R 6 300

Hope 2.jpeg

Hope II

Charcoal on Cement Compound.

35 x 40 x1cm

R 6 300

Hope 3.jpeg

Hope III

Charcoal on Cement Compound.

35 x 40 x1cm

R 6 300

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