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Aimee Lindeque was born on a farm in rural Mpumalanga, South Africa. The unique beauty of the lowveld’s vegetation and landscape is a constant influence in her work and she still travels home frequently for inspiration. She attended Nelspruit’s Penryn college where teachers would reprimand her for doodling all over her exercise books. In high-school, she cemented her love for art, winning the art prize upon matriculation.

In 2014, she moved to Cape Town to study Fine Art at Michaelis UCT.  She majored in Sculpture and Art History. Sculpting in natural materials such as wood, ceramic and leather satisfied her innate love for organic colours and gave her an understanding of what could be achieved in a three-dimensional realm.

After receiving her Bachelors of Fine Art, Aimee opened her own studio and began working as a full-time artist in Cape Town. Her artistic practice has been growing steadily since graduation and she currently produces highly-detailed paintings, drawings and artist prints.

She enjoys working in watercolour and ink, and has been commissioned to complete large acrylic murals around Cape Town. Since childhood, she has developed a deep love for Illustration and cartoons. The works of Jean Giraud and Martin Handford have had a large influence on her art. 

Aimee documents her artistic process, filming herself while she works. Most of the work she produces can be seen on her YouTube channel in the form of time-lapses. These videos are relaxing to watch and they document the time and effort she puts into producing her paintings and illustrations.

Aimee’s work focuses on the duality between calm and chaos. Her experience of moving from an isolated farm in Mpumalanga to the heart of Cape Town city centre played a vital role in the development of her conceptual framework. She is interested in the contrast between rural and urban, old and modern and the disparities one experiences as you navigate between these spaces. We live in an industrial age- an information age- where the onslaught of sensory information has become overwhelming on many levels. Aimee’s work is an attempt to find calm in that chaos. She explores how sharing of information has resulted in the increased complexity of everyday tasks.



Yasmine Yacoubi

Splash Out

Acrylic on canvas

90 x 90cm

R18 000

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